Sarah LIM

Managing Director
16 Years
+61 431 142 105
English, Korean, Japanese
Professional Career

Diversity of Experiences

Sarah is a highly skilled and experienced education consultant and registered migration agent with over 16 years of experience in the industry. She migrated to Australia with her family in 1993 and has since built a successful career in the education and migration sectors. 

She has been practicing as a registered migration agent for over 16 years, specialising in Partner, Parent, Student & Guardian and Skilled Migration Visas. 

With her extensive experience and expertise in the education and migration sectors, Sarah has helped countless individuals and families achieve their dreams of studying and living in Australia. She is committed to providing her clients with personalised and professional services, and has built a reputation for her attention to detail, efficiency and excellent communication skills.

Expertise & Skills

Australian Migration Law
English Language Teaching
Training Design and Development


  • Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (BOND Uni)
  • Australian Migration Law & Practice (Griffith Uni)
  • pending Juris Doctor (Bond Uni)
  • CertIV TESOL (SEA Inst.)
  • DipTD (HBTA Inst.)
  • Registered Australian Migration Specialist MARN: 0701277

Career Management

As a career-driven individual, Sarah has always been passionate about the education industry and making a positive impact on people’s lives. Her journey began after completing her Bachelor of Early Childhood Education degree, which opened doors for her to work as an English teacher in South Korea for several years. Sarah’s experience in South Korea allowed her to gain valuable insight into the international student market, which sparked her interest in pursuing a career in education consultancy.

In 2007, Sarah decided to take the plunge and start her own education consultancy business, driven by her passion for helping international students achieve their academic goals. Over the years, Sarah has continued to expand her knowledge and skills, completing a Graduate Certificate in Immigration Law and Practice, Certificate IV in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), Diploma of Training Design & Development, and studying a Juris Doctor Degree.

Sarah’s commitment to continuous learning and professional development has allowed her to stay up-to-date with industry trends and best practices, providing her clients with the highest quality of service. Through her consultancy business, Sarah has been able to guide countless international students through the complexities of the Australian education system, helping them achieve their academic and career goals.

As Sarah continues to grow her consultancy business, she remains committed to providing exceptional service to her clients while also expanding her knowledge and skills to keep up with the changing needs of the industry. She is passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of her clients and strives to be a role model for others in the education industry.

Related Projects

~ 2010 project
  • 2008 - Bond University Early childhood Teacher’s study tour.
  • 2008 ~ 2010 - Recruiting Native ESL Teachers for the EPIK in South KOREA.
  • 2008 ~ 2010 - Recruiting Native University students for the Teach and Learn in Korea program in South KOREA.
  • 2008 & 2010 - Appointed recruiting, marketing agency & co-operation agreements specific to the EPIK programs, to the TAFE TESOL course & National Institute for International Education in South KORE
  • 2009 May - JETI Secondary ESL Teachers Training 1st Workshop (32 Trainees)
  • 2010 Jan - JETI Secondary ESL Teachers Training 2nd Workshop (27 Trainees)
  • 2010 Jul - JETI Secondary ESL Teachers Training 3rd Workshop (27 Trainees)

* JETI is Jeollanamdo Educational Training Institute in South KOREA.

2011-2015 project
  • 2011 - Recruiting Native ESL Teachers for the EPIK in South Korean
  • 2012 Jan - JETI Secondary ESL Teachers Training 6th Workshop (29 Trainees)
  • 2013 Jan - JETI Secondary ESL Teachers Training 8th Workshop (24 Trainees)
  • 2011 ~ 2013 - Recruiting Native University students for the TaLK in South KOREA
  • 2011 ~ 2015 - Study Tours for the students from the Private Elementary Schools in South KOREA
2016~2020 project
  • 2016 – Study Tour for the students from the YMCA International elementary school in Osaka Japan.
  • 2016 - Study Tour for the students from the Syousei National Elementary School in Osaka Japan.
  • Jan 2018 - JIEI Elementary Teachers Training 7th Workshop. (17 Trainees)
  • Jan 2019 - JIEI Elementary Teachers Training 8th Workshop. (13 Trainees)
  • 2019 - Selected for the Global Camp. Operator for Jeollanam-do Provincial Government Office in South KOREA.
  • 2020 - Study Tour for the students from the Mokpo High School in South KOREA.

    * JIEI is Jeollanamdo International Education Institute from South KOREA

2021 ~ project
  • 2019 ~ 2020 - Study Tours for the High School Students from South KOREA
  • 2023 Apr - Invited to be a Simultaneous Interpreter and Speaker for the Global Education Symposium hosted by the Jeonnam Office of Education in South KOREA

2023 Jeonnam Global Education Symposium

Sarah, as an exclusive agent of Hillcrest College, participated in the Global Education Symposium, hosted by the Jeollanam-do Education Office on 6 April. During the symposium, Sarah presented the revolutionary English pronunciation teaching method developed by Hillcrest College, known as “I Love Reading”, which garnered significant attention and praise from the attendees. Moreover, Sarah also discussed the advantages and benefits of virtual learning communities, highlighting the positive impact they can have on education and learning outcomes. Overall, Sarah’s participation in the symposium was highly valuable and demonstrated her expertise in the field of education.


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